A Big Round of Applause for Our Fabulous Fall Readers!

Our October 19th’s FFF was held in Works/SJ’s brand new space on Second Street, downtown San José. We had a fun hybrid experience with some readers up at the podium and some on Zoom, projected up on the wall. We had a great Zoom audience, but we’re so happy we can give our Zoom readers real applause from the folks in the gallery; there’s nothing like the sound of laughter and clapping hands. As always, thanks to Joe Miller and Works/SJ for supporting our series.


  1. Paul Juhasz, “Row”
  2. Douglas Trevor, excerpt from”The Detroit Frankfurt School Discussion Group.” published in Ploughshares Solo vol. 4
  3. Niles Reddick, “”Who’s Going to Pray for Me Now?” published in Anti-Heroin Chic and again in Yellow Mama
  4. Priscilla Thomas, “Red,” published in the Interstellar Lit Review
  5. Keiran Brandabur Langer, “Black Iced Tea”
  6. Tania Martin, “Bus Ballads”
  7. Karen Allen, “Dog Heaven”
  8. Hugh Behm-Steinberg, “Jesus’ Socks”
  9. Nancy Devine, “Life Passages”
  10. Rob Davidson, “Still Life with Zombies”
  11. Leah Mueller, “Tempting Fate”
  12. Aline Soules, “Shock”

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