Here’s August’s Sensational Line-up

Thanks to all our wonderful readers and our audience members for making it a special night!

Works/SJ Gallery – Live Zoom from San José, CA August 11th 2021   7pm

  1. Riham Adly, “How to Tell a Story from the Heart in Proper Time” published in Flash Frontier and included in Best Microfiction, 2020
  2. Cheryl J. Fish, “Grade Book” published in Cheap Pop
  3. Calder Lowe, “Gas Station Redemption” originally appeared in The Light on His Feet, read by Eva Smith Glynn
  4. Jade Bradbury, “Stella Passing”
  5. Carol Park, “Brute”
  6. Ida Soon-Ok, “Micro-Elegy” forthcoming in the anthology Nonwhite and Woman, September 2022
  7. Mercury-Marvin Sunderland, “In. And Out”
  8. Melissa Flores Anderson, “Catfish”
  9. Tony Press, “At the Station” published in The Linnet’s Wings and the collection, Crossing the Lines
  10.  Zephaniah Sole, “The Universal Cockroach,” forthcoming in Vestal Review. Twitter @ZephaniahSole
  11. 11.Victoria M. Johnson, “Good Riddance, Mary,” forthcoming in Caesura
  12. Tania Martin, “Exiles”

May’s Fabulous Flash

May 12th 2021
Authors & Works:

  1. James Roderick Burns, “Stealing Wignal,” forthcoming in the May 2021 edition of Button Eye Review.
  2. Shelagh Johnson, “Jump,” forthcoming in Lily Poetry Review.
  3. R.C. Ducantlin, “Down the Lane”
  4. Susan Nordmark, “Clown Nose” 
  5. J. M. Curet, “Flagged”
  1. Nils Peterson, “Finding the Right Word”
  2. Jason Schwartzman “The Person Who Will Change Your Life” 
  3. Claire Hawkins, “Country Life”
  4. Kim Amundson, “Blog Post Blood Sport”  
  5. Lita Kurth, “My Horoscope AKA Signs” forthcoming in Cobalt Review
  6. Lisa Rosenberg “The Fish Coasters” Website:
  7. Tom Herndon, “Mom”
  8. Rob Davidson, “Blackbirds at Dusk” from Spectators: Flash Fictions (Five Oaks, 2017). Website:

In Memoriam: Anthony So

The news of Anthony So’s passing just came to our attention. He died in his home in San Francisco on Dec. 8th 2020. He was wildly talented and only 28th years old. He read for Flash Fiction Forum back in August of 2015. His story “The Shop,” about his Khmer father, still resonates with us. His book “Afterparties” is forthcoming in August 2021.

The Marvelous “13” of our March 10th Reading Series


  1. Mark Blickley, “Six Pounds of Sin,” published in Dream Streams: a collaboration with fine arts photographer Amy Bassin. 
  2. Cyn Nooney, “How to Treat a Minor”
  3. Monica Raymond, “Photographer”
  4. Tania Martin, “The Refrigerator”
  5. Karen Allen, “He Said, She Said”
  6. Len M. Ruth “Inferno.” Website:
  7. Julia Halprin-Jackson, “Six Stages of Office Doldrums”
  8. Anita Felicelli, an excerpt from “Time Invents Us” published in Alta’s Fall, 2020 Issue Website:
  9. Kevin Sharp, “Jasmine, February 14,” originally published on Everyday Fiction. Website:
  10. John Dorrance, “Lucy’s Descent”
  11. Leah Mueller – “Plunging Downward,” first published in Flash Fiction Magazine.
  12. Josef LeMoine, “Woman”
  13. Chella Courington, “Showtime,” published in Potato Soup Journal (August 12, 2020). Website:

Bringing in 2021 with Freaking Fabulous Flash



  1. James Roderick Burns, “Depth Charges”
  2. Buzz Mauro, “God’s Quilt”
  3. Barbara Saxton, “Getting Religion”
  4. Julian Parayno-Stoll, “The Jar”
  5. Lita Kurth, “Butt’s Together”, excerpt from piece published in
  6. Susan Kuchinskas, “The Pleaser”
  7. Jade Bradbury, “Silencio”
  8. Gillian Ebersole, “Alternate Universe in Which I am Unafraid of my Mother” forthcoming in The Water Between Us (Headmistress Press)
  9. Jenn Solgaard, “Sundress”
  10. Carol Park, “The Best Yet”
  11. Mercury Marvin Sunderland, “Merlin and the Sudsy Sink”
  12. Nathan Nicolau, “Something About Hell, Fury, and Scorn”


Thanks to Everyone Who Participated and Joined Us for Another Amazing Night of Flash! We Love This Community!

Here’s Our Fabulous Fall Line Up!


Authors and Works:

Gregory Kompes, “Beyond Words”

John Dorrance, “Too Much is Personal”

Tania Martin, “The Breach”

Adele Bihn, “A Flawed Animal”

Ann Hillesland, “California Turnaround”

Anshu Johri, “Not One of Us”

Tarn Wilson, “City Mother”

Leah Mueller, “Safe at Home”

Keiko O’Leary, “Ghost Window”

Ken Weisner “Call Center Songs & Too Big to Care”

Lisa Rosenberg, “Forbidden to Throw Stones in the Sea” & “The Village”

It’s hot here in California, but our August 12th Zoom show was hotter! We had over 70 folks tuned in to hear our fabulous readers. Thanks to everyone who participated – we love you guys!

Readers and works:

Ashley M. Jones, “Bestiary of Bad Kissers” and “I find the Earring That Broke Loose from my Ear the Night a White Woman Told me the World Would Always Save Her”

Hugh Behm-Steinberg, “Poison”

Colleen Shoshana McKee, “The White Poodle”

Marilyn Fahey, “Shine” forthcoming from Avalon Literary Press

Lita Kurth, “Therapy for Bad Guys”   Lita Kurth Writing Workshops on Facebook

Jessica Zang, “The Chinese Woman’s Book of Pride”

Renee K Nelson,“ Pacific Grove”

Deborah Kennedy, “Cautionary Tale #23: Predictable and Unpredictable Hazards of Aviation”

Gregory A. Kompes, “Middle of Nowhere”

Jan Steckel,“The Wild Capybara of Paso Robles” and “Puppy Love Pop Song”

Victoria M. Johnson, “History Park Nightmare”

Vuong Vu, “War Remnants” published in the premier issue of The Lantern Review


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Teaser:  We are proud to be featuring, Ashley Jones, Hugh Behn-Stienburg, Colleen Shoshana McKee, Marilyn Fahey, Lita Kurth, Jessica Zang, Deborah Kennedy, Gregory Kompes, Jan Steckel, Victoria Johnson, and more….