Our Dynamite October 11th Reading Series – We had a big line-up with stellar stories that ranged from horror to heartbreak. Thank you, dear readers! And thanks to our great audience!

  1. Aline Soules, “Fingers.”  
  2. Kristin Camitta Zimet, “Why I Shop Second Hand” published in Caesura, “Objects in the Mirror,” edition, 2023.
  3. Toni Kochensparger, “I’m Doing Just Fine Without You.” 
  4. Tianyang Jiang, “My Mother is an Etch-a-Sketch” Forthcoming in The Path: A Collection of Canadian Short Stories
  5. Susan Nordmark,“ Ghosts,” published in Heavy Feather Review, May 2019.
  6. Eileen Vorbach Collins, “Finish What’s on Your Plate,” published on Eat, Darling, Eat.
  7. Lita Kurth, “Advantages,” forthcoming in Cherry Tree


  1. James Fowler, “Contre Temps,” published in Caesura, “Objects in the Mirror,” edition, 2023
  2. Leah Mueller, “Love Me Tender,”previously appeared online on New Flash Fiction Review.
  3. Jan Steckel, “The Mango Woman,” first appeared in The November 3rd Club and just came out in her debut collection of short fiction, Ghosts and Oceans from Zeitgeist Press, 2023
  4. Sharlene Chiu,“Her Majesty’s Declaration”
  5. Carol Park, “Sword Ferns and Skull.“ 
  6. Luisa Faustina Minquela, “I Am From.”

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