Celebrating Ten Magical Years of Flash Fiction Forum! Thanks to our illustrious readers and our fabulous audience for making the night sing!

August 23rd, 2023

Authors and Works:

  1. Wendy Thompson, “According to R_____” 
  2. Sarah Sarai, “The Horse Not-Looks” 
  3. L. D.  Nguyen, “A Dark and Hungry Truth”
  4. Tania Martin, “Hard Sell”
  5. Renée M. Schell “Academy of Silences” 
  6. Linda Lappin, “Caregiver” 


  1. Marilyn Horn-Fahey “Good Boy” 
  2. Gary Singh, “Reunited in the Fourth House” 
  3. Reena Kapoor, “Prayer Beads and Samosas” 
  4. Keith Gaboury, “Ms. Sky Thunderclaps” 
  5. Eva Smith–Glynn, Excerpt from “The Steps”  
  6. Nelly Shulman, “The Island”

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