It Was a Dark and Stormy Night on January 10th, but We Lit Up The Gallery With Stellar Readings!

Author & Works:

  1. Sally Connors, “Suffer the Children.”
  2. Mimi Zieman, “The Bus”.
  3. Casey Mulligan Walsh, “Still.”
  4. Suzanne Martinez, ” Mind the Babes,” published in Vestal Review.
  5. Elizabeth Bennet, “Banana.”
  6. Tania Martin, “Cut Paper Stars.”
  7. Daryl Bryant, “Who We Are.”
  8. Nils Peterson, ” A Winter’s Tale: Lost Pages from Vasari.”
  9. Melissa Flores Anderson, “The Jump Rope.”
  10. Rob Pesich, “Teratoma,” published in Perfume River Poetry Review, Issue 3.
  11. yves., “Tragic Accident.”
  12. Kim Amundson, “Cold Case #1: Jack and Jill.”
  13. Tarn Wilson, “Buttonology.”

Thanks to our readers and audience for a fabulous night. Hope to see you all on March 13th for some fresh flash!

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