Our March Flash Fiction Forum Line-up offered a Bouquet of Sad and Funny Flash. Thanks to our fabulous readers and warm audience — we laughed and teared up, and we gave away two excellent books.

Authors and Works:

  1. Niles Reddick, “Going to the Movies with Elvis,” published in Third Wednesday and Who’s Going to Pray For Me Now? (collection)
  1. Michael Rojas, “The Marriage Knot.”
  2. Jason Thornberry, “Chisle Saves My Hide.”
  3. Bob Armstrong, “Baby Shoes.”
  4.  Dave Denny, “Passing Parade,” from his collection, Angel of the Waters.
  5. Lita Kurth, “Diphtheria Cemetery.”


  1. Reena Kapoor, “Rent A Gent.”
  2. Susan Nordmark, “Hedge Apples.”
  3. Yegi Modirzadeh, “Fake Aunty.”
  4. Victoria M. Johnson, “Bones on the Clock,” published in Perfume River Poetry Journal.

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