May 8th, 2024: Mmmm, May bequeathed us a bounty of fantastic flash. Thanks to everyone who made the trek to San José and those who stayed up late on Zoom. But also to our regulars – we love you guys.

Authors and Works:

  1. Marc Gumbin, “Musings of a Microplastic.”
  2. Gahl Shottan, “Benjamin Franklin Notebook.”
  3. Miera Rao, “Infestation.”
  4. Tania Martin, “Omissions.”
  5. Amanda Chiado, “Heaven’s Bend.”
  6. Aaron Rabinowitz, “Henry Turns 100,” published in Cherry Tree: A National Literary Journal.
  7. Julie Kitzenberger, “Divine Help With Algebra.”
  8. Paula Wagner, “El Tapatio.”
  9. Colleen Shoshana McKee, “Humans Suck.”
  10. Aline Soules, “The Curse of Blue Silk.”

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