Our Inaugural Event


Thanks to all who participated in our inaugural event August 14th, 2013. The audience was warm and enthusiastic, the setting inspirational, and the readers were sensational.

Cynthia Benson – “The Work Ethic”

Yeganeh Modirzadeh – “The Garden”

Victoria M. Johnson- “A Bookish Competition”

Bob Dickerson- “Stitt PLays Bird”

Parthenia Hicks- “Jessie”

RenĂ©e M. Schell- “Additional Oxygen”

Azin Arefi- “War”

Liliana Guajardo- “Earth Angels”

Danielle Steakley- “The Wedding”

Ken Weisner- “Thanksgiving”

Anne Sconberg- “Light Beings, Good With Tools”

Lita Kurth- “Aquarium: a love story”

Tania Martin- “Lagomorph”


We are very grateful to Works Gallery for providing us a space. Also, to Anne Sconberg for helping us with the programs.

Two Flashers