The May Forum featured a wonderfully diverse and talented group!

May 14th, 2014


Authors and Works


  1. Gary Singh, “Racetrack Massacre,” published in Burning Word
  2. Kevin Arnold, “Art Anthony Aloft”
  3. Paige Anderson, “Mm-an Autobiography”
  4. James Bonacci, “The Reader”
  5. Hart Rosenberg, “Tongues”
  6. Yeganeh Modirzadeh, “Rosa”
  7. Tania Martin, “Pink Suitcase”
  8. Tarn Wilson, “What I Feared: Drugs” chapter from Slow Farm, published by Ovenbird Books, 2014
  9. Betsy Miller, “Fractions”
  10. Ruth Littmann-Ashkenazi, “Wild Hair”
  11. Cynthia Patton, “Pick-ups at The Dog Park, (published as a longer version, “The Little Matchmaker”, in Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dating Game, 2013)
  12. Dallas Woodburn, Stienbeck Fellow, “How My Parents Fell in Love”, published in The Newport Review


Wow! We filled every seat in the house!! Thanks to all our wonderful readers for their impassioned stories.

Jan Berkeley, “Double Fantasy”

Victoria M. Johnson, “Thirteen Things toDo on Friday the 13th”

Emily Breunig, “For the Children,” an excerpt from her novel, A Ghost at The Edge of the Sea

Jessica Barksdale Inclan, “He Grabbed Me,” published in KneeJerk Magazine, Oct., 2013

Celia Stahr, “Detriot: Independence Day, 1932” drawn from a larger work in progress, Frida Kahlo in America: A Mexican Artist’s Cross-Cultral Journey Into the Unknown

Donnelle McGee, “Homecoming,” an excerpt from his new book, NAKED, due out in spring from small press Unbound Content


Marilyn Fahey, “Last Letter”

Allison Landa, “Creation,” published in Toasted Cheese and nominated for a Micro Award.

Leslie E. Hoffman, “Cecile Street,” first published in PenhouseInk’s Remembering Our Future

Lita Kurth, “Wow. Wolf,” published under a pseudonym in an undisclosed location

Leah Browning, “Touch,” first published in Wigleaf, Sept. 2012,

Renee M. Schell, “Suburban Fantasy”

January 8th Reading

Authors and Works:

Kristen Chen (former Steinbeck Fellow), “Meine Liebe” published in HOBART, Jan. ’09

John Mitchell, “Then We Let Go”

Dave Denny (former Poet Laureate of Cupertino), “Oh Monster, My Monster” published in Fool in the Attic, collection, 2013

Kevin Arnold, “The Flashlight Next to the Glovebox”

Lita Kurth, “Roque Dalton” (inspired by Tessie Scharaga’s installation, “Dialogue with a Dead Poet/Diálogo con un Poeta Muerto”

Parthenia Hicks (former Poet Laureate of Los Gatos), “Jared’s Shadow”

Ken Weisner, “All-Day Bus Trip to the Ashland Shakespeare Festival” from the collection, Anything on Earth

Chris Krohn, “From Santa Cruz to Berkeley, Next Stop: Managua”

Maria Judnick, “The Captain”

Tarn Wilson, “The Moment I Can’t Remember” excerpt from memoir, The Slow Farm, forthcoming in 2014

Victoria M. Johnson, “Trailer Park Queen”

Tania Martin, “The Artist’s Model”


Thanks to all our participants including our fabulous audience!


October Forum

Our gratitude goes out to all who read and/or came to hear the readings at our October forum. The audience was laughing one moment, near tears in another, and there wasn’t a spare seat in the house!


We had a few stories inspired by John Lennon, recognizing his birthday on the night of our event, October 9th. We had a new type of flash fiction, “found flash fiction”, and we had some participants come from as far as Sonoma and San Francisco.


Our program on October 9th, 2013:


  • Tania Martin – “They Call it Puppy Love”
  • Elizabeth Nguyen – “¡Viva Piñata!” (published in Red Wheelbarrow Student Ed. 2013)
  • Leslie E. Hoffman- “Rhinestone Memories” (published in Patchwork Path: Treasure Box, 2010)
  • Hallie McKnight – “Seth”
  • Frances Lefkowitz “Watching Sandra be Loved by God” (originally published at TinHouse
  • Carolyn Meredith – “Only The Best Dine at George’s”
  • Jan Feathers – “The Bells”




  • Renée M. Schell – “Larger Than Life”
  • Barbara Saxton – “Popular Fiction”
  • Der-Wie Li – “Odium”
  • Liz Green – “Glitter and Gum”
  • Tim J. Myers – “Marriage” & “By the Bent Trunk”
  • Elea Carey – “Super New Course” (a “found” flash fiction)

Our Inaugural Event


Thanks to all who participated in our inaugural event August 14th, 2013. The audience was warm and enthusiastic, the setting inspirational, and the readers were sensational.

Cynthia Benson – “The Work Ethic”

Yeganeh Modirzadeh – “The Garden”

Victoria M. Johnson- “A Bookish Competition”

Bob Dickerson- “Stitt PLays Bird”

Parthenia Hicks- “Jessie”

Renée M. Schell- “Additional Oxygen”

Azin Arefi- “War”

Liliana Guajardo- “Earth Angels”

Danielle Steakley- “The Wedding”

Ken Weisner- “Thanksgiving”

Anne Sconberg- “Light Beings, Good With Tools”

Lita Kurth- “Aquarium: a love story”

Tania Martin- “Lagomorph”


We are very grateful to Works Gallery for providing us a space. Also, to Anne Sconberg for helping us with the programs.

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