Flash Fiction Forum @ The Spoken Word Lounge (Anne & Mark’s Art Party 2014)

Sorry I’m posting this out of sequence – we had a mini Flash Fiction Forum at the Art Party with six flasher on September 20th. What a magical night! So many talented writers joined us, and David Perez supplied poetry on demand for an art hungry crowd.

Our line-up:

Bob Dickerson (Ina Johnson on Banjo), “On Some Verses of Virgil”, and “Bear Hunting”

Gary Singh, “Flea Market Shades,” and “Racetrack Massacre”

Tania Martin, “Pink Suitcase”

Tarn Wilson, “The Week I learned My Father Would Die,” and “My Czechoslovakian Plastic Surgeon”

Frances Lefkowitz, “Thorns,” originally published in Superstition Review, http://superstitionreview.asu.edu/issue9/nonfiction/franceslefkowitz, and “A Tighter Spiral” published in CounterexamplesPoetic.com

Tommy Mouton, excerpt from “What We Do Cherish”


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