October’s Forum

So cool to have every seat in the house taken!!! Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting us.

Our line up:

Kirsten Chen, “Boys on the Roof”

Jennifer Swanton Brown, “Santa Ynez, Patron Saint of Bodily Purity, Waits in a Bar Downtown,” and “Pit Bull”

Renée M. Schell, “Jack”

Allison Landa, “Getting To Know You”

Kevin Sharp, “In Blackest Night”

Noorulain Noor, “Monsoon in Lahore”

Lita Kurth, “Sorry I Ate Your Goldfish”

Liz Nguyen, “Touch Me Barbie”

Dallas Woodburn, “Girafe”

Carol Park, “The Question of Alarm”

Tania Martin, “Empathy Lost and Found”


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