Our 1 Year Anniversary at Works Gallery!

Thanks to all who participated in our August Flash Fiction Forum. It was a special night with outstanding readings and a great audience. A big shout out to Works for hosting us and providing such a great space.

Authors and Works:

Tommy Mouton, Stienbeck Fellow, San Jose State University, “Those That Walk”

Karie Stephens, “Happily”

Leslie Hoffman, “On Our Way Home”

Kathleen De Azevedo, excerpt from “The Day of St. John,” published in Boston Review, June 2000, available online http://www.bostonreview.net/fiction/kathleen-de-azevedo-day-saint-john

Pratibha Kelapure, “Running Water”

Ken Weisner, “The Builder” published in The Sacred Geometry of Pedestrians (2002, Hummingbirds Press)

Julia Halprin Jackson, co-founder, Play on Words, Nos. 9, 10, 13,& 37 from the series, What We Write About When We Write About Love

Lita Kurth, “Autobiography of the Letter A”

Cludia Monpere, “The Cleaning Woman”

Lucy Filppu, “We Are Told”

Sarah Kobrinsky, Emeryville Poet Laureate, “To the Tooth,” published in Berkeley Fiction Review, 2010

Victoria M. Johnson, “BooKstore Chat”

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