January’s line up had a full house to hear their fabulous works!

January 21, 2015

Our Line Up:

Erica Goss, “The Day I Let a Strange Boy Shoot My Dog With a BB Gun”

Byddi Lee, “The Lamb”

Kalyn Josephson, “The 7:23 Bus”

Amanda Williamsen, “Seafood,” published in Fall, 2014 New Ohio Review (6).

Sana Rafi, “Coffee Stains”

Donnelle C. McGee, “Ghost Man,” published 2015, Sibling Rivalry Press.

Casey Bernasconi, “No Love, No Clothes”

Zoe Mahoney, “Faint Bewilderment”

Pratibha Kelapure, “Fog”

Maria Judnick, “A Swim Lesson,” forthcoming at GroundBreakHers.

Tania Martin, Excerpt from a longer story, “Miracle Ticket”

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