Wow! We filled every seat in the house!! Thanks to all our wonderful readers for their impassioned stories.

Jan Berkeley, “Double Fantasy”

Victoria M. Johnson, “Thirteen Things toDo on Friday the 13th”

Emily Breunig, “For the Children,” an excerpt from her novel, A Ghost at The Edge of the Sea

Jessica Barksdale Inclan, “He Grabbed Me,” published in KneeJerk Magazine, Oct., 2013

Celia Stahr, “Detriot: Independence Day, 1932” drawn from a larger work in progress, Frida Kahlo in America: A Mexican Artist’s Cross-Cultral Journey Into the Unknown

Donnelle McGee, “Homecoming,” an excerpt from his new book, NAKED, due out in spring from small press Unbound Content


Marilyn Fahey, “Last Letter”

Allison Landa, “Creation,” published in Toasted Cheese and nominated for a Micro Award.

Leslie E. Hoffman, “Cecile Street,” first published in PenhouseInk’s Remembering Our Future

Lita Kurth, “Wow. Wolf,” published under a pseudonym in an undisclosed location

Leah Browning, “Touch,” first published in Wigleaf, Sept. 2012,

Renee M. Schell, “Suburban Fantasy”

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