October Forum

Our gratitude goes out to all who read and/or came to hear the readings at our October forum. The audience was laughing one moment, near tears in another, and there wasn’t a spare seat in the house!


We had a few stories inspired by John Lennon, recognizing his birthday on the night of our event, October 9th. We had a new type of flash fiction, “found flash fiction”, and we had some participants come from as far as Sonoma and San Francisco.


Our program on October 9th, 2013:


  • Tania Martin – “They Call it Puppy Love”
  • Elizabeth Nguyen – “¡Viva Piñata!” (published in Red Wheelbarrow Student Ed. 2013)
  • Leslie E. Hoffman- “Rhinestone Memories” (published in Patchwork Path: Treasure Box, 2010)
  • Hallie McKnight – “Seth”
  • Frances Lefkowitz “Watching Sandra be Loved by God” (originally published at TinHouse http://www.tinhouse.com/blog/13353/flash-fridays)
  • Carolyn Meredith – “Only The Best Dine at George’s”
  • Jan Feathers – “The Bells”




  • Renée M. Schell – “Larger Than Life”
  • Barbara Saxton – “Popular Fiction”
  • Der-Wie Li – “Odium”
  • Liz Green – “Glitter and Gum”
  • Tim J. Myers – “Marriage” & “By the Bent Trunk”
  • Elea Carey – “Super New Course” (a “found” flash fiction)

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