January 8th Reading

Authors and Works:

Kristen Chen (former Steinbeck Fellow), “Meine Liebe” published in HOBART, Jan. ’09

John Mitchell, “Then We Let Go”

Dave Denny (former Poet Laureate of Cupertino), “Oh Monster, My Monster” published in Fool in the Attic, collection, 2013

Kevin Arnold, “The Flashlight Next to the Glovebox”

Lita Kurth, “Roque Dalton” (inspired by Tessie Scharaga’s installation, “Dialogue with a Dead Poet/Diálogo con un Poeta Muerto”

Parthenia Hicks (former Poet Laureate of Los Gatos), “Jared’s Shadow”

Ken Weisner, “All-Day Bus Trip to the Ashland Shakespeare Festival” from the collection, Anything on Earth

Chris Krohn, “From Santa Cruz to Berkeley, Next Stop: Managua”

Maria Judnick, “The Captain”

Tarn Wilson, “The Moment I Can’t Remember” excerpt from memoir, The Slow Farm, forthcoming in 2014

Victoria M. Johnson, “Trailer Park Queen”

Tania Martin, “The Artist’s Model”


Thanks to all our participants including our fabulous audience!


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