Here’s August’s Sensational Line-up

Thanks to all our wonderful readers and our audience members for making it a special night!

Works/SJ Gallery – Live Zoom from San José, CA August 11th 2021   7pm

  1. Riham Adly, “How to Tell a Story from the Heart in Proper Time” published in Flash Frontier and included in Best Microfiction, 2020
  2. Cheryl J. Fish, “Grade Book” published in Cheap Pop
  3. Calder Lowe, “Gas Station Redemption” originally appeared in The Light on His Feet, read by Eva Smith Glynn
  4. Jade Bradbury, “Stella Passing”
  5. Carol Park, “Brute”
  6. Ida Soon-Ok, “Micro-Elegy” forthcoming in the anthology Nonwhite and Woman, September 2022
  7. Mercury-Marvin Sunderland, “In. And Out”
  8. Melissa Flores Anderson, “Catfish”
  9. Tony Press, “At the Station” published in The Linnet’s Wings and the collection, Crossing the Lines
  10.  Zephaniah Sole, “The Universal Cockroach,” forthcoming in Vestal Review. Twitter @ZephaniahSole
  11. 11.Victoria M. Johnson, “Good Riddance, Mary,” forthcoming in Caesura
  12. Tania Martin, “Exiles”

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