It’s hot here in California, but our August 12th Zoom show was hotter! We had over 70 folks tuned in to hear our fabulous readers. Thanks to everyone who participated – we love you guys!

Readers and works:

Ashley M. Jones, “Bestiary of Bad Kissers” and “I find the Earring That Broke Loose from my Ear the Night a White Woman Told me the World Would Always Save Her”

Hugh Behm-Steinberg, “Poison”

Colleen Shoshana McKee, “The White Poodle”

Marilyn Fahey, “Shine” forthcoming from Avalon Literary Press

Lita Kurth, “Therapy for Bad Guys”   Lita Kurth Writing Workshops on Facebook

Jessica Zang, “The Chinese Woman’s Book of Pride”

Renee K Nelson,“ Pacific Grove”

Deborah Kennedy, “Cautionary Tale #23: Predictable and Unpredictable Hazards of Aviation”

Gregory A. Kompes, “Middle of Nowhere”

Jan Steckel,“The Wild Capybara of Paso Robles” and “Puppy Love Pop Song”

Victoria M. Johnson, “History Park Nightmare”

Vuong Vu, “War Remnants” published in the premier issue of The Lantern Review


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