Thanks to everyone who participated in our 1st Zoom Reading Series. It was a meaningful and gratifying night of literary delights!

Our June 17th Zoom reading series was a huge success. We had readers Zooming in from Oakland, California and Auckland, New Zealand. We had readers in Turlock and San Francisco. We had people in our audience from Switzerland, where it was 4am.  It was wonderful to see so many friendly faces, and read all the wonderful comments in the chat feed. We had over 60 people in our audience – thank you for supporting us!

We apologize to anyone who was unable to join our Zoom, or got kicked out for some reason. We are working on solving those issues for our next event on August 12th.

  1. Karlo Mila “Eating Dark Chocolate and Watching Paul Holme’s Apology,” from her collection, Dream Fish Floating, Huia Publishers, 2005.
  2. Allison Landa “Locked Down”
  3. Kim Johnson “Mother I’m Ashamed to Say the Years Were Dandelion Tamers”
  4. Kirstin Chen “In Between”
  5. Jacqueline Doyle “The Lost Umbrella”from The Missing Girl, Lawrence Press, 2017
  6. yves.  from their collection of flash, Something’s Not Right
  7. Tania Martin “High Anxiety at The Zoo”
  8. Cynthia Benson “Another Sunny Day in Paradise”
  9. Katherine Kudriavtsev “I’m Blue Because You’re Not”
  10. Donnelle McGee “Muh Told Me to Swing Hard, Thích Quảng Đức, and Choppers on Adams Boulevard”
  11. Stephen D. Gutierrez “Fragments” from The Mexican Man in His Backyard, Roan Press: Sacrament, CA 2014

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