We flashed into a wet and stormy 2023 with some wonderful stories and great company! Thanks to all our readers, our audience, Joe Miller for hosting us, and to Allison Landa for giving away a free copy of her new novel, “The Bearded Lady.”

Author & Works:

  1. Colleen Shoshana McKee, “German Pancakes”
  2. Chip Cassin, “About Chuck”
  3. Mj Pramik, “Ghost Story”
  4. Lita Kurth, “A Hell of a Deal”
  5. Julia Helprin-Jackson, “Que Tienes Sex Appeal!”
  6. Kim Amundsen, “The Grim Reaper”
  7. Ellie Anderson, “Colemen’s Cleopatra,” published in Caesura, 2022
  8. Larry Hollist, “Lost in the Wrapping Paper”
  9. Robin Ruiz, “Ghosted at the Coffee Shop”
  10. Gibson Davis, reading Paul Marshal’s, “If You Have To Ask Why”

January 11th, 2023

Picking the winner of Allison’s novel

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