We had a fabulous group for March 4th

We are so grateful to all our fabulous readers. The works we had last night were outstanding!

Authors & Works:

Juliet Halprin Jackson, co-founder and co-curator, Play On Words, “Yells in the Night” and “Thanksgiving in Space” https://playonwordsssj.wordpress.com/

Betsy Miller, “Falling” www.ThinkingInkPress.com

Marilyn Fahey, “Elephant,” published in Dragonfly Press ezine, DNA, January 2015, http://www.dragonflypress-ca.com/dragonfly-ezine/

Renée M. Schell, “Destination Vienna”

Tommy Mouton, former Steinbeck Fellow, “Turnbow”

Tarn Wilson, “The First Time I Was Drunk,” Excerpt from memoir, The Slow Farm, Ovenbird Books, 2014 tarnwilson.com

Lita Kurth, “The Bride”

Michael Karpa, Excerpt from Between Countries, www.mikekarpa.com

Victoria M. Johnson, “The Girls’ Room” published in Three, PushPen Press, 2014 http://VictoriaMJohnson.com



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