Bringing in 2021 with Freaking Fabulous Flash



  1. James Roderick Burns, “Depth Charges”
  2. Buzz Mauro, “God’s Quilt”
  3. Barbara Saxton, “Getting Religion”
  4. Julian Parayno-Stoll, “The Jar”
  5. Lita Kurth, “Butt’s Together”, excerpt from piece published in
  6. Susan Kuchinskas, “The Pleaser”
  7. Jade Bradbury, “Silencio”
  8. Gillian Ebersole, “Alternate Universe in Which I am Unafraid of my Mother” forthcoming in The Water Between Us (Headmistress Press)
  9. Jenn Solgaard, “Sundress”
  10. Carol Park, “The Best Yet”
  11. Mercury Marvin Sunderland, “Merlin and the Sudsy Sink”
  12. Nathan Nicolau, “Something About Hell, Fury, and Scorn”


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