FFF Flashing At Filoli

Filoli Gardens invited us up for the day to view the estate and then write some flash to read for their “Stories in Bloom” series. Our venue – the ballroom! We had great time and our readers were fabulous.

Feburary 13th , 2022

Authors & Works:

  • Nancy Devine, “Fantasyland”
  • Marilyn Horn Fahey, “A Stunning Arrangement”
  • Karen Allen, “Gordchen”
  • L.D. Nguyễn, “Magnolia, Everblooming”
  • Tania Martin, “Wisteria”
  • Carol Park, “Running Through Filoli”
  • Tarn M. Wilson, “The Year I Camped in a Mansion”
  • Keiko O’Leary, “Through the Missing Brick”
  • Lita Kurth, “Camellias Without Compassion”
  • Eva Smith Glynn, “Friendship”
  • Maria Judnick Timmons, “A Door of My Own”

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