March 9th’s hybrid reading series featured dynamite readings and multidimensional merriment with a small audience in the gallery at Works/SJ and a bunch of folks on Zoom.

1    Cindy Benson, “Straw Buddha”  

2.    Hugh Behm-Steinberg, “Solve for X”

3.    Lita Kurth, “The Memoir Writers” 

4.    Marco Etheridge, “Heart’s Double Labyrinth” 

5.    Kirby Wright, “More Salsa” 

6.    Melissa Flores Anderson, “Cherry Cheri” 


7.    Mercilee Jenkins, “Parent Conference”

8.    Tom Herndon, “Derick 1” 

9.    Paul Luikart, “Rocket” 

10.   Marissa Jules, “Birthday 2.0” 

11. Peter van der Linden, “One of the Elder Gods”

Check out our pics to see what our hybrid platform looks like in house.

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