It’s May, and there’s sunshine, flowers, and fabulous flash readings!

Thank you Tarn Wilson for donating a copy of “In Praise of Inadequate Gifts” (Wandering Aengus Press) for our book give away! And to Deborah Kennedy who brought along free copies of her book Nature Speaks: Art and Poetry for the Earth (White Cloud Press).

Authors & Works:

  1. Jennifer Lauren, “Dancing With Madonna”
  2. Peter Carroll, “Second Thoughts”
  3. Veronica Montes, “When He Is,” first published in Leon Literary Review and forthcoming in her chapbook, I’m Not Lost.
  4. Julie Kitzenberger, “The Kitty Medium”
  5. Johannah Seah, “Public Pool”
  6. Keith Mark Gaboury, “Corporate Fox”
  7. Aline Soules, “The Fixer”
  8. Dave Denny, “Among Impressionists”
  9. Jeanne Ichnowski, “Ironing Board Bier”
  10. Deborah Kennedy, “Enlightenment at the Republic Cafe”
  11. Daryl Bryant, “Doctrine of Discovery”
  12. Lita Kurth, “That Kind of Father”
  13. Larry Hollist, “Take Me Home”

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